After Dean

Dean is long gone but large parts of Jamaica are still without power and running water. People seem to cope well.

After spending three days in the Western part of the island, I was was yesterday deep inside Cocpit Country a tropical forest in the heart of Jamaica. The road to get there was in terrible condition. Once there, I experienced something I had never experienced in my life. All night, they were voices, animal voices. And they were also rasta men spending their day in caves.

I am now back into the civilization, in Ocho Rios where I plan to do one story for my radio series before going to Kingston and Trenchtown, Bob Marley’s historic ghetto.

Jamaica has been an interesting experience so far but you quickly learn that everything is for sale here. For the first time in my professional life, I have had had to deal with people who wanted to sell me their story. I have been to many poor countries around the world but I had never seen that.


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