My September 12

September 11 was a weird day. First there was General Petraeus asking for more time for the U.S. troops to succeed in Iraq. It seems to me that this man of honor was on a  mission to sell a policy. But I might be wrong. I hope to be wrong because my son and our children would pay the price of this Iraq war. One day you have got Bin Laden using Iraq to recruit new followers. The next day, George Bush is using Bin Laden to sell his Iraq war. All this looks very logical. While they are doing that, there were families yesterday reading the long list of names of their loved ones who died in the World Trade Center. It was already the sixth year they were doing that and it was terrible to see that they are still fighting but their battle is actually lost. We will forget 9/11. Never completely, but we will. You, me, everybody will because wecan’t feel the pain of the families of the victims and we have not learnt the lessons of 9/11. We (the international community) have waged two wars and created a new generation of terrorists.

Today US news moved on to West Virginia, where a 20-year old African-American girl was freed after she was kidnapped and tortured for a week by 6 White people  (including three women). I thought people in this country would never forget the Civil Rights Movement. But they have. The world can be a wicked place, when you do forget history.


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